"Bravery, compassion, and empathy should not only be shown when directly affected" – Georgina Onuoha
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Veteran Actress, Georgina Onuoha, has taken to her Instagram page to criticize her colleague, Chioma Apkotha, for only speaking up and showing courage when she was directly affected by an attack at her polling unit during the election. In a lengthy post, Georgina revealed that during the 2019 general elections, Chioma had slid into her DM and asked her to stop sharing posts showing the state of rigging and violence experienced in some parts of the country. Georgina said that Chioma told her that making such posts would affect her brand and could also lead to a riot, which brought an end to their long-time friendship because she blasted Chioma for being more concerned about her brand than the safety and well-being of her fellow citizens.

Georgina went on to explain that showing bravery, compassion, and empathy should not only be done when directly affected, as this implies that one is only interested in their own safety and well-being. She urged people to speak out against injustice in society and not sugarcoat it, emphasizing that it's essential to scream when it affects others as well, not just when it affects you directly.

Georgina also revealed that many celebrities are compromised and are only concerned about their brands and stomach infrastructure. She called out Chioma for being in bed with the devil and lacking the moral authority to call out injustice in society. She, however, forgave Chioma for her ineptitude four years ago and wished her well, hoping that she would learn from this experience that compromising one's integrity and dignity for personal gain is not worth it.

Finally, Georgina expressed her relief that Chioma was safe after the attack and wished her well, praying that her vote would count. She hopes that Chioma learned from this experience and would join the fight against injustice in society.