In the context of ZIP files, unzipping means extracting the files from a compressed folder. Unzipping files on an Android tablet or smartphone used to require a special third-party app, but it can now be done with the official Files by Google app.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and install Files by Google.

  2. Open Files by Google and locate the ZIP file you want to unzip. If you downloaded the ZIP file from a website, it may be in the Downloads folder.

  3. Tap the file you want to unzip. The list of files in the compressed ZIP folder appears.

  4. Tap Extract to unzip the file. After the files are extracted, a list of the unzipped files displays.

  5. Tap Done.

  6. All of the extracted files are copied to the same location as the original ZIP file.

  7. What Are ZIP Files Used For?

    Files that use the .zip extension are referred to as ZIP files. ZIP (pronounced like the word "zip") files compress and bundle many files together to make it easier to send, upload, and download a group of files. ZIP files are used on websites to help visitors download a large number of documents or media at once without having to manually download each file individually.


Watch the Video for more information:

If you're still finding it difficult to unzip/extract the Album File, Please drop your question/complaint as a comment below:

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BROW  (a week ago) 
You missed the song with Ric hassani in the album "Be a man"
Fix it
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Free  (3 weeks ago) 
I'm unable to download. I know how to unzip files
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Godson  (Dec 27, 2021) 
unzipping with RAR but its asking for password HELP!
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atim valentine  (Dec 07, 2021) 
please kindly help unzip the music
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Am lartyf  (Nov 30, 2021) 
Wow this is so useful
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Suleiman  (Sep 30, 2021) 
I'm finding it difficult to unzip
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Tj  (Sep 18, 2021) 
Yea I had to unzip it first ,looked a bit hard from the start but it's playing now
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Sunny smart  (Sep 23, 2021) 
I am interested
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Diamond  (Sep 01, 2021) 
You are blessed with this
It was my first time of seeing this and it was quite easy
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sugar boi  (Aug 28, 2021) 
I like it very good, and I no, it will sweet to hear
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Gambo sailor  (Aug 12, 2021) 
Waw I just finished to unzip all very simple and nice song and looking for
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Abdul  (Aug 07, 2021) 
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Simeon  (Aug 05, 2021) 
It's not working!😩
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Nikeyfunds  (Jun 15, 2021) 
Thanks for the help, wasn't difficult at all
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Adesh  (Jun 14, 2021) 
Why downloding is not working?
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Stanslous  (May 18, 2021) 
Your file failed am disappointed in this web site i will just change
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Ziggy  (Nov 21, 2021) 
Werey, change nh
like like  Reply 1781 reply 0 like
Stanslous  (May 17, 2021) 
Am downloading now hope it will not disappoint me😊😊
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Shittu  (May 14, 2021) 
This site is scam imagine me wasting up to 300mb yet d song refuse to play
2 like
Desmond  (Apr 29, 2021) 
I unable to unzip it iooo
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Bola  (Apr 26, 2021) 
I don't know aw to get the zip files.. I need help.pls
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David  (Apr 10, 2021) 
Nice, thanks for sharing
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Adeyemi  (Apr 02, 2021) 
Awesome song
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Snap off tgt  (Mar 27, 2021) 
Zagar dat
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James Patrick  (Mar 26, 2021) 
Am still finding it difficult to unzip the file
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Anonymous  (Mar 26, 2021) 
Wo,your ZIP file no gree extract o...😑😑 wantu see cwazy sha
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Mercy  (Mar 24, 2021) 
I love it
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Owen  (Mar 19, 2021) 
Can't unzip it😦
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Joe  (Mar 13, 2021) 
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Edidiong  (Mar 07, 2021) 
How can i do that with button phone
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Thisis_praise  (Apr 10, 2021) 
Lol keeping looking 😂
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Anonymous  (May 28, 2021) 
Download unzipper app for Java Phone
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Bassey  (Feb 27, 2021) 
Can't find the zipped folder in files by google
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Kevin  (Mar 05, 2021) 
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DOUGLAS  (Feb 26, 2021) 
1 like
Premice marrion  (Feb 19, 2021) 
So good
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Diamond  (Feb 08, 2021) 
Excellently Sweet melodious music
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Bubbles  (Feb 05, 2021) 
Am loving it ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Godpius  (Feb 04, 2021) 
This is one of my best web sites for downloading music
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Elder nicholas  (Jan 26, 2021) 
I love you asa
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Jame  (Jan 12, 2021) 
Yh thanks it work
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Pakar  (Jan 03, 2021) 
Google files is already on our phones

Chat with @kingsleyNk
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olatope sunday  (Dec 19, 2020) 
heip us unZip the abium the boney m abium
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Lucky  (Dec 18, 2020) 
How can I unzip the album
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Marvelous  (Dec 17, 2020) 
Like 💗
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Adebisi  (Dec 17, 2020) 
Excellent work
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Anonymous  (Dec 13, 2020) 
Nice one
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Adebayo  (Dec 08, 2020) 
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lucy  (Dec 06, 2020) 
it's really nice
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John Bonchak  (Dec 05, 2020) 
4 like
John Bonchak  (Dec 05, 2020) 
like like  Reply 758 reply 1 like
Amos  (Dec 03, 2020) 
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Dasilva  (Dec 01, 2020) 
Can't stop loving it
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Emma  (Nov 26, 2020) 
Help pliz
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Dasilva  (Dec 01, 2020) 
Download files by Google on play store open & locate the file in downloads folder in your Android phone , tap on it and unzip it
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Anonymous  (Nov 21, 2020) 
Please help
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wilmon  (Nov 19, 2020) 
when dawn fall on a man is not the end of he's life
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