Woman pregnant after frying plantains for man
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A young Nigerian lady has caused a stir on the TikTok app with her pregnancy story. On TikTok, she goes by the username @therealqueenandken. According to her, she went to fry plantain for a man and ended up pregnant. She shared various videos and images showcasing her baby bump, eliciting laughter from her followers.

In one of her captions, she wrote, “POV: you went to help him fry plantain.”

Grace reacted humorously, imagining the scenario if the task was helping prepare soup. Ewurabena also joined in, joking about the outcome if she had helped with pounded yam. Meanwhile, LÖLLY teased about the man asking her to fry tea next. On a more serious note, Light Luxury Jewelry shared a heartwarming story of finding love through a similar situation, leading to marriage and a beautiful daughter. However, PrinceRaph21 couldn’t resist poking fun, suggesting that the plantains might have burned because she was nowhere near the kitchen. And JamesE humorously suggested that the man might have fried her plantains instead.

To watch the full video, click [a href="https://www.tiktok.com/@therealqueenandken/video/7361424771273313541"]here[/a].


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