Nigerians upset as shredded old naira notes found in dumpsite amid cash shortage
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Nigerians are expressing frustration and anger after discovering a dumpsite filled with shredded old naira notes. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is believed to have disposed of the mixed-denomination notes as part of the country's cashless policy, which has resulted in a scarcity of physical cash. 

A video that went viral showed people digging into the pile of shredded currency and lamenting their struggle to obtain physical cash. Some Nigerians reacted by expressing disappointment and blaming the government for the situation. However, others said that the CBN has been disposing of old currency notes for over two decades, and this is not a new occurrence.

Voices of Nigerians heard in the background of the video lamented bitterly about the struggle to get physical cash while digging into the pile of shredded Nigerian currency.

See some reactions that followed …

d33no9wr: “Not even for recycling, which kind country i go find my self like this 😢😢.”

officialslimzyattah: “The CBN has been doing this for more than two decades now. It’s not a new thing.”

itz_camsy_: “APC government have finished this country. The next thing left for this government is to openly tell us that we’ve already been sold to another country for slavery. Una geh mind still vote them….ok o. Get ready for what is yet to come.”

famous_makeover: “E shock una?😂😂 Trust me Nigeria 🇳🇬 no fit shock me again. INEC done shock me.”

Watch the video below …