Nigerian bride brings Ghana-must-go bag to wedding, receives cash gifts from husband
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A Nigerian lady [/b]made quite a statement at her wedding [/b]by bringing a sizable Ghana-must-go bag to the ceremony. The video, now viral on social media, captures the moment during the traditional wedding where the bride kneels before her husband [/b]. Positioned beside her is a conspicuous blue Ghana-must-go bag, serving as a receptacle for the cash sprayed by her husband and attendees.

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Brides use sack to pack cash.

With each cash spray, the bride swiftly tosses the money into her bag. Social media users have offered various reactions to this unusual scene. @fadererah_ expressed admiration, stating, "I like her. The man didn't dull her too." @Abeleze6 suggested, "He should be putting the money inside the bag." @IamBlaccode humorously commented, "A classic case of 'I'm not here for the romance, I'm here for the ROI.' Remember, marriage is a partnership, not a one-sided financial transaction." @ambassadors714 playfully suggested, "She would have asked the guy to enter inside the bag." @BigLiko_ observed, "This act alone speaks a thousand words." @Blaizewears speculated on the bride's motivations, saying, "He looked so uncomfortable. Either she knows he has a lot of money, or she is being inconsiderate." @LytSkinnedGirl added, "Maybe it's just me, but he doesn't look happy."

The video, shared on Twitter by Naija (@Naija_PR), depicts the bride's preparedness as she confidently utilizes the Ghana-must-go bag to its fullest extent. The tweet, dated November 18, 2023, has generated significant online buzz.