After a heated argument, a Nigerian girlfriend received both an apologetic text and a significant ₦1.5 million as a gesture of apology from her boyfriend
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A remarkable incident unfolded as a girlfriend showcased a heartfelt apology letter and a substantial sum of 1.5 million naira sent by her boyfriend after a heated argument resulted in him yelling at her.

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Captured in a video titled "You got an apology text from your boyfriend," the footage features the lady revealing the apology text and the generous cash gesture from her boyfriend. The video also includes a snapshot of the lady's face and a lengthy apology message from her boyfriend, expressing remorse and pledging not to repeat his mistakes.

In the heartfelt text, the boyfriend states, "Babe, I want to express my deepest apologies for all the ways I have hurt you," promising never to repeat the mistakes and expressing his commitment to making amends. The emotional message emphasizes the girlfriend's importance in his life and his determination to set things right between them.

Following the apology, the Nigerian boyfriend proceeded to send a total of 1.5 million naira to his girlfriend, providing a financial gesture alongside his words of remorse. The lady clarified in the comments that the money was part of the apology after the yelling incident.

She wrote: "Bae didn't cheat; he paid for yelling at me."

Reactions flooded the comment section, with individuals sharing their thoughts on the boyfriend's gesture. Some users shared their own relationship experiences and opinions on the dynamics of apologies in romantic relationships.

See some reactions below:

Jhulee: "The last time I had this kind of relationship was in 2021, the guy I'm dating now is nonchalant, there's no connection."

Sultan pubg stores: "Lmao remember boys for a relationship there is no refund o 😂😂😂 take am easy lover boy."

Joy: "Make we now go fry watermelon?😒 Abeg shift pesin no fit open Tiktok in peace again."

@Juliet: "Make Tinubu just ban relationships I swear I'm suffering."

standard chinny: "ladies & gentlemen wan ask oo pls need answers why do a guy cry when u complained that’s is pretending to love or care."

Big Tabitha: "And nah uba and OPay I Dey use too oo."

Miracle: "dey go first gaslight me con still ask me if I no want the relationship."

Kemisola 🦋: "You fit dash me the 50k wey dey on top 🥲🤲. As a member of the awwn association."

Ass goddess: "Omo u go know say he go dey beg everyday oh cos I go dey form vex."

user7207576300468: "Una fit dey do all these ones even if the relationship get as e be, everybody relationship good online."



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