Video: Samini makes U-turn, takes 500k from NPP years after saying it’s not good for celebrities to endorse political parties
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To solidify his stance, Samini has composed a song throwing more lights on the achievements of Nana Addo and the reason why Ghanaians should vote massively for him on December 7.

However, old footage has surfaced which captures Samini speaking ill of celebrities endorsing political parties for obvious reasons.

Historically, Samini spoke ill of celebrities endorsing political parties in the interview he granted to Joy Entertainment in 2016.

In the interview granted by a journalist called Becky, the Afro-dancehall musician admitted that openly acknowledging a political party can be detrimental to the career of an artist as well as their personal safety.

“I don’t think it’s too healthy to do that as a people’s person because you represent the masses and you have various political affiliations listening to your music at the same time, without any political intentions. So you appeal to a broader audience at a go.

“So when you take sides in serious issues like this; issues concerning serious decision-making for the country’s welfare and you take sides and just maybe you happen to offend a huge fan by that move, it goes a long way to affect your career going forward.”

The ‘My Own’ hitmaker in that same interview referred to musicians as agents of truth, and hence would be seen as liars if the flagbearers of these political parties fail to fulfill their promises to the Ghanaian people.

“If a political party’s flagbearer is preaching a certain philosophy…that is not necessarily the truth, and as an entertainer that is supposed to speak the truth and represent the people, [you] find yourself endorsing this flagbearer and whatever dream that he’s preaching, you’re now helping him to lie to the people”.

Continuing, he added: “and eventually if that promise does not come to pass, you are one of the people that helped him tell the people that he was gonna build a castle in the air and it never happened. So now you are gonna look like a corrupt person,” he stated.

Now the FAQs is, what actually triggered Samini to have a change of mindset, perception and philosophy towards celebrities endorsing political parties. Is it about the whopping amount of money that landed in his bank account?

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