Man in Benz makes a splash by getting a lady's number in traffic; she swiftly takes his phone and adds it (Video)
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A video capturing a remarkable encounter in the midst of heavy traffic has become a sensation on the internet. The incident unfolded as a confident man, behind the wheel of a luxurious Mercedes Benz, decided to break the monotony of Lagos traffic by connecting with a fellow commuter.

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What truly distinguishes this encounter is the lady's delightful response. With a radiant smile, she willingly added her contact details to the man's phone without hesitation. This spontaneous exchange of numbers between strangers has left social media abuzz with awe and admiration.

The video initially made its debut on Twitter, shared by user @mohnizefunny, quickly gaining widespread attention and sparking a plethora of reactions from Netizens.

Netizens Reactions...


@CHINENYE humorously suggested, "He will now save the number as 'CYNTHIA HOLD UP'."

@Olaniyi Paul humorously observed, "The guy self first dey fear to give her the phone."

@Jennifer white playfully noted, "The gal self dey eager to press number."

@Favour speculated, "Some week coming now the girl go post him as the best gift holdup gave her."

@gabbykrane0 humorously remarked, "Who Dey find husband no Dey stress man."

@Stefflin Tara1234 jokingly suggested, "Him go con save the name as joy Go slow."

@Gozie reflected, "You never know where u can meet your future wife tho."

@user9867184173404 amusingly stated, "De girl nah good girl shaaa, e for run with ur phone u get luck badoo."

@itz_horlarmhidey_mental_giant amusingly advised, "Go try am for Lagos make Dem carry ur phone go."

@mprez Tee playfully speculated, "Someone girlfriend don start to double date oooh."

@T[b]AIGA DEBORAH EBIPADEIFEI BOS humorously imagined, "If na bayelsa state that phone don go o."

@Official loner humorously pondered, "What if the bus come move from their gurls life ebb cause of front sit."

For those curious to witness this intriguing encounter firsthand, the video is available below:



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