The Evolution of Rema's "Calm Down": From Hit Song to Global Anthem with Selena Gomez Remix
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Calm Down or Not? What's the Catchphrase About? 

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Heard that song “people of love & relationships” always use as catchphrases to awaken affection and stillness in their already hit-up situation-ships? Well, Rema says it's “Calm Down.” But, in case you are yet to hear him say it just the right way, here is a snippet:

“Baby, calm down, calm down
Girl, this your body e put my heart for lockdown
For lockdown, oh lockdown
Girl you sweet like Fanta, Fanta…” 

Without a doubt, Afrobeats have grown so much that it now feels like a religion of some sort. Yet, we wouldn't appreciate its evolution if the OGs in the game aren't talked about as often as their sounds peak charts and billboard hots! 

Born Divine Ikubor on May 1, 2000, in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, the 22-year-old Calm Down Crooner is who we now know as Rema. And since signing a record deal with a subsidiary of Mavin Records, Jonzing World, in 2019, Rema has continued to break his own records. 

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Calm Down Means Calm Down: an Undertone Statement 

On 11 February 2022, Rema made a statement and it was very loud & clear: “Baby, Calm Down!” With the release of his debut studio album titled “Rave and Roses (2022),” it became even more apparent that Rema isn't called the Rave Lorde for plays. 

With “Calm Down,” he becomes a storyteller. He tells the story that led him to want to 'try' and have love at some point in his life. 

Back story: Divine says he was at a party, then there was a girl who caught his attention and locked his heart: (girl this your body e put my heart for lock down)... “shots manufactured and fired” without delays, but friends to the girl he admired wouldn't let him have his way. 

“I see this fine girl, for my party she wear yellow

Every other girl they dey do too much but this girl mellow…” 

Regardless of the obstacles, he persevered and wouldn't take no for an answer. And was ready to hate love if he gets rejected, eventually. Hence the lyric: 

“If you leave me, I no go fall in love again… Day one, day two, I no fit focus (I no fit focus).” 

Well, he admitted that he later had his way afterward (but, the girl wouldn't let him be in charge, fully). So, Calm Down is an undertone statement from him to the world. How much he loves a woman when he chooses to give love a try and how he is a goal-getter who wouldn't give up on the woman he loves so easily. 

“Finally I find way to talk to the girl but she no wan follow… 

Who you come dey form for?

Why you no wan comform?

Then I start to feel her bum-bum

But she dey gimme small-small

I know say she sabi pass that one

But she feeling insecure

‘Cause her friends go dey gum her like chewing gum

Go dey gum her like chewing gum” 

From his studio to digital streaming platforms, Remaʼs Calm Down charted across Europe, peaking at number one on the Dutch Top 40, Belgian Ultratop 50, and Dutch Single Top 100.

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Calm Down by Rema: Remix with Selena Gomez 

On August 25, 2022, Rema released a remix of Calm Down with American singer Selena Gomez. Just like the original version, the Calm Down remix peaked at number three on the Global 200 chart, number eight on the US Billboard Hot 100, and number one on both the Billboard US Afrobeats Songs. 

This is a proper undertone statement; clear and hard as it has become. With this “self callout (sort of),” Rema earned his first top-ten hit since his career started professionally in 2019.

By and large, Calm Down by Rema is worth a solid 8.5/10! 

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