Uwaezuoke shares that due to his appearance, no one was willing to carry him when he was born
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Veteran Nollywood actor, Uwazuoke, shares a glimpse into his challenging childhood and the unique circumstances surrounding his birth, revealing how he was treated differently due to his facial appearance and stature.

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Featured on yankontentfactory, the seasoned movie star opened up about his early days, disclosing a peculiar aspect of his family history. Uwaezuoke shared that his father had fathered 11 children, and strangely, each male child would pass away around the age of 25.

Recalling the time of his birth, he revealed the initial excitement in the community swiftly turning into repulsion when people saw his face. Uwaezuoke narrated how his mother received no gifts and encountered avoidance as people made excuses not to interact with him or carry him.

He further mentioned that his appearance and stature often led to women losing interest in him. Despite the challenges, Uwaezuoke asserted that nobody is superior to him except God.

Reactions to the video varied, with users expressing admiration for the actor's self-love and sharing similar birth stories. One user humorously connected the narrative to political figures, stating, "If nobody carried u when u were small, it means dt no body near Tinubu when he was born." Another acknowledged the sincerity of Uwaezuoke's story, referring to him as a "living legend."

For an insightful look into his narrative, watch the video below:


“Because of my face,Nobody Dey gree carry me when I was born” -Uwaezuoke Uwatalles Comedy

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