Blessing CEO threatens to physically confront Verydarkman
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Controversial therapist, Blessing CEO has revealed that she would be compelled to beat up Verydarkman [/b]if he dares her.

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She made this known while speaking in a recent interview with Punch Saturday Beats.

Blessing CEO. Photo source: Google.[/figure]

During the interview, she revealed that she is constantly being cast in a bad light on social media; however, in reality she is a very principled person who has values instilled in her by her parents.

She said:

“People often misunderstand me because of my activities on social media. But in reality, I very disciplined. My father instilled in me the value of selective actions, which has helped me to abstain from habits, such as smoking and drinking. I take pride in my actions, and I always hold myself accountable.”

On her occasional bouts of fight [/b]with the activist, Verydarkman, she noted that she has nothing against him. Although, she just doesn’t agree with some of his opinion.

Verydarkman. Photo source: Google.[/figure]

She noted that it is not always about muscles as she believes she can beat him up if he dares her, just like David beat up Goliath.

Blessing CEO said:

“VDM had been insulting me for months. He did a lot until I told him enough is enough. I am not going after him; but, if he does something to me, I will retaliate. It’s just that I will not reply when expected. If VDM dares me, I will beat him, just the same way David beat Goliath. It is not by being muscular.”

Speaking further, she added that being famous has turned her into a recluse:

“I am sapiosexual, so I love an intelligent and productive man. I am also very cautious of the kind of people I date because of fame. Fame has made me withdraw into my shell.”