Shade Ladipo urges Nigerian men to cease discussing DNA tests
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Media personality, Shade Ladipo, advocates for Nigerian men to refrain from discussing the topic of demanding DNA tests, citing the emotional toll it has taken on women in relationships. She expressed this viewpoint during an episode of the Bahd and Boujee podcast alongside Tolani Baj and Moet Abebe. Ladipo asserted that many men entertain thoughts of infidelity, believing they can cheat without consequence, which often leads to disputes and retaliatory actions from women. While acknowledging that some instances of paternity fraud may involve unfaithful behavior from women, she emphasized that others stem from men's lack of sexual discipline. Ladipo urged men to consider the repercussions of their actions and to stop discussing DNA tests, as it serves as a reminder of the mistreatment Nigerian women have endured.

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Media personality, Shade Ladipo.

She made these comments in response to the prevailing discourse surrounding DNA tests in Nigerian society, as highlighted in a video excerpt from the podcast shared on social media.


“For what Nigerian men have put Nigerian women through, let’s leave the DNA topic for a while”


– Shade Ladipo