Ruger explains why he prays before performing on stage
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Renowned Afropop singer, Michael Adebayo Olayinka, famously known as Ruger, has given insight into his pre-performance rituals, explaining why he engages in prayer before taking the stage to perform.


Afropop singer, Ruger.

Ruger revealed that in anticipation of performing on stage or embarking on a world tour, he follows a regimen that involves fasting, prayer, and physical workouts. These practices are aimed at preparing his mind, spirit, body, and soul for the demands of the performance.

In his own words:

"Before I kick off my America tour, I used to go to Eko Atlantic and run like four times, get back into my car and go home. So, it helps my energy. I make sure I ate well, slept well. Prayer too. Fasting and prayer just to be prepared spiritually.

"I'm a Christian. I pray even before I go on stage to perform. It is just work. We are allowed to party. It's just like I'm partying. I'm not a bad person. The fact that I dance with girls on stage doesn't mean I'm a bad person."

He further emphasized his commitment to responsible performance by stating:

"Before I bring any girl on stage, my team checks to make sure they are above 21."