Okon Lagos warns against election rigging, saying Endsars was just a dress rehearsal for the real one
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Nollywood actor, Ime Bishop, who is better known as Okon Lagos, has made a passionate appeal to politicians ahead of the 2023 elections in Nigeria. In a post on his Instagram page, the actor urged politicians not to rig the forthcoming elections, warning that Nigerians are already frustrated and will not stand for any manipulation of the results.

Okon Lagos went on to caution that any attempt to rig the 2023 elections would make the ENDSARS crisis seem like a dress rehearsal. The actor, who is known for his humorous roles in Nollywood movies, was quite serious in his tone as he implored everyone to do the right thing in this critical moment of the country's history.

The actor acknowledged that there had been cases of intimidation and rigging in previous elections in Nigeria. However, he pleaded with politicians not to rig the 2023 elections in such a way that it would be a total opposite of the general will of the people. He stressed that the collective destiny of Nigerians should not be toyed with, especially at a time when the long sleeping giant in Nigerians is now wide awake.

The actor's post has received several reactions from his followers and other Nigerians on social media. Many have applauded him for speaking out and highlighting the need for free and fair elections in Nigeria. Some have also expressed concern about the potential for violence if the 2023 elections are rigged.

Okon Lagos has always been vocal about issues affecting Nigerians, and this latest post shows that he is not only interested in making people laugh but also in making a positive impact in his country.