Mohbad's father sparks outrage as he ventures into rap music career, drawing criticism from netizens
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Joseph Aloba, kicks off his rap career amidst speculations surrounding his son’s death.

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Only recently, he went viral for demanding for a GoFundMe to be set up to assist investigation.

He was called out for that because prior to his request, many donations had been made after Mohbad died.

Mohbad’s father, Mr Joseph Aloba.

Although many people are aware that he used to be a musician, many feel uncomfortable by the fact that he seems to have moved on.

This is especially sorrowful because the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death is still yet to be unraveled.

Here are some reactions to the video below

iamkendra_hajduk wrote: “This is a reminder to live your life now that you can, don’t give up! Stand tall and conquer. Cause if you die today even your family will move on and life goes on. Throw peoples opinions to the trash 🚮 and liveeeeeeeeeeeee.”

marketboku commented: “A mistake of a father. If you support this bullshit, may your father swallow your own glory!!! This is an abomination.”

rhodaofficial_ noted: “But if d wife mistakenly “smile” crazy people will come for her. Everybody will have to move on someday. I wish the family well”

itsthebigm opined: “It’s evident that this man has harbored envy towards his son from the beginning. His every move since Mohbad’s death displays clear signs of jealousy and covetousness, which could be considered as motives for murder. The extent of his shameless behavior is truly alarming.”

bluetooth_catering_and_event added: “Mobahd still have a brother that sings as well, why not support the boy, this man is nothing but an envious person, that’s unfair tho”

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