Leo Dasilva shares his experience with two happily married maids who had body odour, shedding light on marriages in Nigeria
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Leo Dasilva, a well-known entrepreneur and reality TV personality, recently shared an interesting insight about the viability of marriage in Nigeria. He took to Twitter to recount an experience where he had two maids in the past who had unpleasant body odour, yet were happily married with children. He concluded that if their partners could tolerate the stench and remain committed to the relationship, then people in Nigeria could endure anything for love.

Leo Dasilva's observation suggests that the institution of marriage is still thriving in Nigeria and that love and commitment can overcome many obstacles, including personal hygiene issues. Despite the challenges that many couples face, it appears that there are still many who are able to make their relationships work, even when faced with difficult circumstances.

Leo Dasilva's tweet reads, "I have had two maids in the past with body odour. They were both happily married with kids. That was all I needed to know that marriage is still working in Nigeria." This tweet highlights the resilience and determination of many Nigerian couples who are able to overcome obstacles in their relationships and maintain a strong commitment to each other.

Overall, Leo Dasilva's tweet provides a hopeful message about the future of marriage in Nigeria. Despite the challenges that many couples may face, it is clear that love and commitment can conquer all, and that there are many couples who are willing to endure anything for the sake of their relationships. Whether it is through the ups and downs of daily life, or more serious issues such as personal hygiene, it seems that Nigerian couples are willing to do whatever it takes to make their relationships work.

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