Solidstar reveals his impromptu decision to travel to the UK despite not having a visa, shedding more light on his drug-related experiences
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Nigerian singer and songwriter, Solidstar, delves deeper into his struggles with drug addiction, particularly Ice, shedding light on his journey to recovery.

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Emerging back into the limelight after a period of slow and steady rehabilitation, Solidstar shares his harrowing experiences with drug abuse, as reported by recent news on Gistreel.

Nigerian musician, Solidstar.Photocredit: officialsolidstar / Instagram.[/figure]

The musician recounts how he was introduced to the notorious substance, Ice, three years ago by a group of acquaintances, leading to a halt in both his personal and professional life.

Solidstar reveals the extent of its detrimental effects, recalling a desperate attempt to travel to the UK without a visa, prompting him to even ask his brother to accompany him on the journey.

His addiction also resulted in a confrontation with a taxi driver, where he resorted to violence by hitting the driver's window after being refused service due to his lack of funds.

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