Kizz Daniel shares the reasons behind hiring his former boss, Emperor Geezy, in a video
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Renowned singer-songwriter, Kizz Daniel, has broken his silence regarding his decision to rehire his former boss, Emperor Geezy, despite their previous fallout, shedding light on the reasons behind this unexpected move.

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Kizz Daniel[/figure]

Emperor Geezy once served as Kizz Daniel's record label boss, and their professional relationship took a tumultuous turn, leading to a public feud between the two.

However, the surprising twist came in 2023 when the 'Buga' singer rehired Emperor Geezy to manage his record label, Fly Boy Inc.

During a recent interview on the Afrobeats Podcast, Kizz Daniel offered insight into his decision, explaining that he brought Emperor Geezy back because he had unwavering trust in him to handle his brand effectively.

He further elaborated that their shared history and the deep care Emperor Geezy had for the Kizz Daniel brand played a pivotal role in this decision. Even during their public feud, Kizz Daniel revealed that his former boss would send him messages advising him on career choices and health, underscoring the sincerity of their bond.

Kizz Daniel and his former boss, Emperor Geezy[/figure]

Kizz Daniel on why he took back his former boss, Emperor Geezy

“We were already friends since last year. We had buried the hatchet. I thought, 'Can you hold down the label for me while I record?' and he agreed. He's one of the people I trust with the Kizz Daniel brand.

He genuinely cares about this brand and its growth, not just about me personally. Even during our public feud, he would send me messages saying, 'You shouldn't be doing this; you shouldn't be smoking,' while we were fighting on social media. He loves the Kizz Daniel brand,”

The singer's revelation provides valuable insight into the complexities of their professional and personal relationship, ultimately leading to this unexpected collaboration.

Watch the video below …