Hilda Dokubo criticizes the government, accusing them of hypocrisy for claiming Nigeria is safe while traveling with a convoy of 20 security escorts
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Veteran actress and politician Hilda Dokubo has strongly criticized the government for the apparent contradiction of labeling Nigeria as a safe country while politicians move around with extensive security escorts.

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Expressing her dissatisfaction, Dokubo pointed out the failure of politicians to enhance the quality of life for citizens, despite the considerable revenue generated from oil resources. She emphasized that Nigerians deserve better healthcare and education, similar to other oil-rich nations.

In her statement, Dokubo highlighted the disconnect between the government's portrayal of the country's security and hunger situation and the reality they acknowledge by traveling with a significant security escort.

Veteran actress and politician, Hilda Dokubo, source: Google

Dokubo further delved into the disparity between Nigeria and other nations, emphasizing the lack of comparable benefits such as free healthcare and affordable quality education for children. She questioned the state of insecurity in Nigeria, deeming it shameful and affecting various aspects of daily life, including work and nightlife.

She critiqued the privileged lifestyle of politicians who travel with numerous bodyguards, highlighting the contrast with the perceived safety of the country. Dokubo challenged them to experience the reality by traveling alone, emphasizing that those engaged in businesses thriving at night, like entertainers, face the harsh consequences of the prevailing insecurity.