#EndSars: “I take all the blame, I’m sorry” – Edo State Deputy Governor’s son apologizes for dragging protesters (Video)
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Edo State Deputy Governor’s son has apologized for dragging protesters in his previous video and condemning the #Endsars protest.

In a recent video which he shared, he pleaded for forgiveness over his statement to protesters, and accepted all blames, saying it’s his fault, and he’s sorry.

In his words;

“Guys please I’m sorry. The video I made before, that wasn’t the right thing to say. 

The questions I had in my mind came out very wrong. I didn’t mean to say that.

The questions I had in my head about how protesting in other countries helps the matter, cause I didn’t really know if it’s effective enough. 

And I’m very sorry for making those videos, that video especially. It was my fault. I take all the blame. I’m sorry”.

Watch the video below;

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