Brymo celebrates the reinstatement of the old National anthem and praises Tinubu for the move
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Renowned musician, Brymo, shares his elation over the revival of the old National anthem, lauding President Tinubu and hailing him as his G.O.A.T. Brymo took to social media to express his reasons for preferring the old national anthem, highlighting how the first stanza underscores the notion of 'motherland' and emphasizing the unity expressed in the line 'In brotherhood we stand.' He extends his gratitude to President Tinubu for this decision and declares him the Greatest of All Time among Nigerian presidents. Brymo's post reflects his pride and contentment in being a part of the Nigerian brotherhood.

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Brymo. Photo source: Google.

His statement, "I am with my country, and my country is with me," encapsulates his allegiance to Nigeria. Brymo's sentiment resonates with many who share his enthusiasm for the reinstatement of the old anthem.

See his post below: