BLord reflects on how his arrest by the EFCC led to his fame, stating, "Some disgrace can pave the way for your grace"
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Linus Williams, also known as BLord, expresses his appreciation to the EFCC, highlighting how his arrest played a pivotal role in elevating his fame.

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In an interview with social media journalist @stevenndukwu, BLord recounts the events surrounding his early morning arrest by EFCC officials, which led to a surge in his popularity.

Popular Philanthropist and businessman, BLord.

He narrates how he was abruptly awakened at 4 am by a loud commotion at his door, as EFCC officials stormed his residence, suspecting him of fraud.

Although later proven innocent, BLord endured a ten-day detention where his electronics were searched, and he was subjected to the ordeal of pleading for release.

Despite the challenging experience, BLord acknowledges the impact it had on his perspective, recognizing the importance of freedom.

Upon his release, BLord experienced a surge of emotions, including tears, reflecting on the ordeal and the value of his newfound freedom.

However, the battle did not end there as the EFCC retained some of his seized properties, prompting a prolonged legal dispute that BLord eventually won, reclaiming all his belongings.

To share his journey, @stevenndukwu posted a video snippet of BLord's interview on TikTok, where BLord concludes, "Some disgrace can lead to your grace."


Some disgrace can lead to your grace. #nigeria

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