Ibrahim Suleiman asserts there's no selfishness in choosing not to have children
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Popular Nigerian actor, Ibrahim Suleiman debunks the misconception about being selfish regarding the decision not to have children or get married.

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He made this statement in response to an X user, Ben Awoks, who claimed that only selfish people opt not to have children or get married.

“How can you be proud of not having children or getting married?Nothing rings. “I’m a selfish person” more than this,” the X user wrote.

Ibrahim Suleiman argued that having children should be termed a selfish reason but not the otherwise; suggesting the common phrase, ‘no selfless act.’

“Oh, for crying out loud. There is nothing selfish about not wanting to have children. If anything, there is an argument for having children being a selfish decision,” he stated.

The actor further cited examples of people’s struggle with being disciplined enough to look after others and hence, accept the decision not to have children.

He continued, “I just taya. I’ve always wanted to have children. So of course I was eager to procreate as soon as I found my person. But I know people who know that they will not be able to be the best version of themselves as parents. Bullying people like that into procreation is wrong abeg.”