An aide of Mohbad speaks out, shedding light on Joseph Aloba's actions following his son's demise
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Damola, an aide to Mohbad, breaks his silence following accusations from Joseph Aloba and reveals what transpired immediately after Mohbad's death.

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Taking to his Instagram story, Damola addressed the allegations made by Joseph Aloba, asserting that Aloba's portrayal of innocence is inaccurate.

Joseph Aloba had conducted an informal interview on TikTok, where he claimed that Mohbad's team placed his body under a staircase after his demise. Damola swiftly refuted this claim, denouncing it as false and misleading.

Furthermore, Damola mentioned that while Mohbad's team had refrained from interfering in the family's affairs, the need arose to correct the misinformation being spread online.

Late Mohbad’s aide, Damola.

Damola emphasized that Joseph Aloba was always a priority for Mohbad during his lifetime, a fact known to everyone on the team. However, after Mohbad's passing, Aloba surprised the team by making unreasonable demands, such as requesting the password to Mohbad's YouTube channel, instead of focusing on mourning.

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