Alex Unusual addresses AY Makun affair allegations in new video
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After a long break from social media, Alex Unusual breaks her silence and reacts to accusations of having an affair with AY Makun.

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Recall that shortly after the announcement of Mabel’s divorce from AY, a Tiktoker came out with shocking voice recordings.

The recordings alleged that Alex Unusual is one of AY’s numerous side chicks and was pregnant for him.

Alex Unusual had gone on a social media hiatus before then and did not come out to defend herself.

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Surprising many, she made and directed a short video which she posted recently, sharing how she deleted her apps on social media.

She revealed that she was constantly pressured to be the bigger person and choose silence but that is something she now wants to end by speaking up.

Although Alex did not directly speak on the accusations, she subtly debunked their authenticity and read out Nigeria’s cybersecurity laws.

She reminded many online users that she is also flesh and blood and all their words have an effect on her, while also promising to let the law take its course on those who keep on bullying her online.

Watch the video here

Following the release of this video, social media has been abuzz with various reactions, with many commending Alex Unusual for her courage in addressing the situation head-on. Her supporters praised her resilience and determination to stand up against cyberbullying, while others debated the veracity of the accusations and the impact of online harassment on public figures.

The allegations had sparked widespread speculation and controversy, leading to intense scrutiny and a barrage of negative comments directed at Alex Unusual. In her video, she emphasized the importance of mental health and the detrimental effects of baseless accusations and relentless online attacks on individuals.

She expressed her desire to move forward and focus on positive endeavors, urging her followers to prioritize kindness and empathy in their interactions. Alex Unusual's video serves as a powerful reminder of the human side of public figures and the need for responsible behavior in the digital age.

As the story continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the involved parties will respond and what legal actions, if any, will be taken. In the meantime, Alex Unusual's decision to speak out marks a significant moment in her journey and a call to action for greater awareness and accountability in online communities.