BREAKING!!! Burna Boy on a Verge of Career Rout
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Self-acclaimed African Giant, Burna Boy could be best described as an opportunist if his performance continues overtime. 

Has he lost his rhythm following his latest songs "Money Play and Odogwu"?

Without doubt, the Afrobeat musician cemented the African Continent spot on World music gallery with his record-breaking studio album "African Giant".

The album composed a series of hit tracks one can hardly resist playing on repeat. Eventually, the project got nominated for Grammy 2020 which he narrowly lost.

Following his 2019 microphone exploit, Burna Boy has always been on the media for controversies beginning from his Grammy lost and upon declaration of himself as the greatest after the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

Despite the media war, he was still busy cooking something fans hoped to be a continuation from where he left it last year.  Finally, he ushered in "Odugwu and "Money Play" but unfortunately the both Burna Boy songs fell below expectations.

Both singles have attracted a series of criticism from his fans base and African music lovers all over the World. While some described both as whack and they suck.

For me, I wonder how "Money Play and Odogwu" scale through, not because they aren't good jams. But I see both as substandard for a class of Burna Boy who has graced the international scene with lots of energy.


A saying that says "After pride is to fall", Could this be the case for the Afrobeat star after clashing with numerous music artists following self-declaration as most significant after Fela Anikulapo Kuti?

I leave the rest for you to make justice as I await you right in the comment section below.

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Sir k  (Mar 20, 2020) 
Ehenn! Uncle u get mind oh! You nor wan make am 4 dis life??? Abeg if u hear good music, feel am naaa! The Life style of an artist and wat dey deliver are two very very separate things! Thanks for bring ma attention to dis massive jam. Go and listen to d lyrics u join d world people. Abeg clear road oh 4 the real "Odogwu". 
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Blograbbit  (Mar 20, 2020) 
Dumbest and most self judgmental article i have seen in most recent times.
Looks like a full story told by an idiot full of furies signifying nothing.
Better write biographies of these singers as that could be something better than clout and cheap recognition chasing.
I listened to both songs on audio and that was the Giant i know and nothing less.
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Dee  (Mar 20, 2020) 
I stop streaming and downloading his songs after i noticed pride on his part.....nobody did shit 4 him....oya listen to ur own songs
The truth is odogwu level up with songs like money but block of his pride....gbaaaaam d plate is serve him, eat bro
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Catalyst  (Mar 20, 2020) 
I see nothing wrong with the odogwu song and video. He did not abuse any Norm, Culture or tradition of the Igbo Race. 
Perhaps He likes the Igbos and feel they Like him too.
If He acclaim himself as an Odogwu, it has nothing to do with you. If He walked out of an Interview, it is not disrespectful, maybe they breached the interview agreement that was why He left. It is a free world.
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SirVee  (Mar 20, 2020) 
The stench from bias of this writer could be perceived from  miles away. The writer obviously does not like versatility, he wants to tag it and drop it but Oluwa is involved. Kole work!
One good thing though, this article is only an opinion. The opinion sef no eep the writer. 
On to the next!
SirVee say so..
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SirVee  (Mar 20, 2020) 
You know nothing Jon Snow!
Cut the crap with that illuminati bullshit.
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Ozil bosco  (Mar 20, 2020) 
Big fool
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Odogwu  (Mar 19, 2020) 
Writer be chasing clout..mtchew
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Oba Abinibi  (Mar 19, 2020) 
Burna is still burning something and he is dumping em into the ears of his fans worldwide. There was nothing wrong with those songs.
Same media that takes you to stardom will be the one to de-fame him why?
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Sed  (Mar 19, 2020) 
This writer is so useless, he is foolish for even writing this article
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CAL3B  (Mar 19, 2020) 
The person were write this thing nor get brain! 
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Peter David  (Mar 19, 2020) 
Oga go and sit down,  odogwu that got hundreds of thousand views in just few hours of release, i dont think the writer is mentally okay.
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Anonymous  (Mar 19, 2020) 
Writer is quite ignorant maybe just expressing his personal thoughts. 
Odogwu has same vibe with Gbona and the rest of his hits
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Chinagozi  (Mar 19, 2020) 
I see the Odogwu track and its video as cultural appropriation and insult on Igbo heritage looking at the scenes it featured.  I hope my Igbo brothers see it the same way. It should be banned. 
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Promise  (Mar 18, 2020) 
No go there o, Burna boy still winning no doubt, odogwu is massive believe me, the guy could be cooking another album...
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Cephas  (Mar 18, 2020) 
Rubbish article, the writer is clearly ignorant and chasing clout, You wrote absolute rubbish 😥😥
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