A Twitter user claims, "The marriage that failed Mr Ibu is the same one sustaining Olu Jacobs"
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A Twitter user, Ajinwa, has sparked discussions by comparing the marriages of Nollywood icons Olu Jacobs and the late John Okafor, widely known as Mr Ibu. This conversation arises in the aftermath of Mr Ibu's passing on Saturday, March 2, due to a cardiac arrest.

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In response to the sad news, Ajinwa made a poignant observation, drawing parallels between the late actor's marriage and that of Olu Jacobs, who is currently facing health challenges. Olu Jacobs is married to veteran actress Joke Silva.

Ajinwa asserted that the same marriage that led to the demise of Mr Ibu is now sustaining Olu Jacobs. He emphasized that the key distinction between the two marriages lies in the quality of the wives they married.

According to Ajinwa, Joke Silva's dedication to loving and caring for a husband who no longer remembers her or their shared experiences sets the two marriages apart. His exact words were, "Marriage failed Mr Ibu. The same Marriage is sustaining Olu Jacobs. The difference between these two marriages is the quality of wife they married. Joke Silva is committed to loving and taking care of a man who no longer remembers her or the times they’ve shared."