Twitter trends: "Supreme court" and "Revolution" as "Obidients" urge Peter Obi to sue INEC for the 2023 elections
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It appears that a significant number of Nigerians are dissatisfied with the outcome of the 2023 general elections, as evidenced by the trend of "Supreme Court" and "Revolution" on Twitter. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announced the results of the election, which saw Bola Tinubu declared the winner. However, many Nigerians have accused INEC of rigging the election in Tinubu's favor.

Supporters of Peter Obi, known as "Obidients," have taken to Twitter to call out INEC and trend "Supreme Court" and "Revolution." This suggests that they may be planning to contest the election results. Some Twitter users have expressed their opinions on the matter, with one user, SirOdue, pointing out that unless there are consequences for INEC's actions, they will continue to rig elections. Others, like Emma G and Ada, are confident that Obi will emerge victorious and that evidence will emerge to expose INEC's fraudulent behavior.

Senator Yussif Datti Baba Ahmed has called for calm and assured Nigerians that the mandate stolen from them will be recovered. Another Twitter user, Osamagbe, believes that Obi did not come this far to be defeated and that his mandate will be upheld. Meanwhile, De music legend criticized Nigeria's double standard in punishing examination malpractice among students but not holding professors accountable for rigging elections.

Overall, the trend of "Supreme Court" and "Revolution" suggests that there is a significant level of dissatisfaction with the outcome of the 2023 elections among Nigerians. Whether this dissatisfaction will lead to legal action or more significant protests remains to be seen.

An indication that the results from INEC will be contested.[/p]

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@SirOdue wrote: Until there are consequences these guys @inecnigeria will continue doing this. #RevolutionNow Grace Grace Grace Rufai #supremeCourt Mahmood Muslim Muslim Sega Okwute Adeleke ASUU Atiku and Obi Apostle Lagos Enugu kwankwaso Adeleke chief of staff Goodluck Jonathan presidency

@Emma G also tweeted, “Here why he’s called Okwute (Rock) Obi is coming… Enough evidence to debunk their fraud they called election. #RevolutionNow sega Mahmood Yakubu Rufai #SupremeCourt “Grace Grace Grace”

@@Sen Yussif Datti Baba Ahmed also commented, It will be a very long ride but I plead with you all to keep calm. This is a case of stolen mandate and it will be recovered

@Ada: Okwute simply allowed them to finish their drama well, so that the global disgrace they will receive will be very loud. They never sheee shomthing 

@De music legend: Nigeria is The Only Country Where Professors Rig Elections For Politicians But Expel Students For Examination Malpractice —Prof. Wole Soyinka ° ° Cotonou #RevolutionNow Emefiele Apostle Chief of Staff Muslim Muslim Atiku and Obi Grace Grace Grace Okwute Japa Canada HELL NO Rufa

@Osamagbe: Peter Obi didn’t come this far to be defeated, wait patiently for it, it will definitely speak. You can’t Rob us of God’s mandate. 𝗦𝗲𝗴𝗮 #RevolutionNow Okwute Rufai Chief of Staff Apostle Cotonou Supreme Court Canada Muslim Muslim Atiku and Obi HELL NO Another 8 Jandor #ASUU