Young ladies bring laughter to Nigerians with a hilarious "shout-out" to their parents
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Two young ladies recently brought joy and laughter to Nigerians in a lighthearted interview that went viral. The informal interview, shared on the microblogging platform X by influencer @dammiedammie35, had a simple premise: the ladies were asked to give a "shout-out" to their parents.

In this humorous exchange, the young women introduced themselves briefly and revealed that their mothers were the ones who disturbed them the most. Amused by their responses, the interviewer then requested them to give a shout-out to their fathers.

What ensued was pure comedy as the ladies, apparently unfamiliar with the concept of a "shout-out," began shouting enthusiastically into the interviewer's phone, leaving everyone in stitches.

Nigerians on social media couldn't contain their amusement, and the reactions poured in:

@maxy_147 said: 😂😂😂 The guy self try to hold laugh 😂

@kuwait_magix said: In a relationship, this ones will have nothing to offer you except knacks. This is crazy

@marvelwonderz said: lmao… I thought they were joking about it ooo but it’s real wooooooooooo, my daaaaaaadyyyyyy

@SassyTheFirst said: Urggghhh🙊my daddy 😂🫵🏻School na still scam?😂

@pretoriadaddyP said: 😂🤦‍♀️😂 they don’t know what is shoutout 🤣🤣 you for tell them na

@AttahirSaleem said: As I hear woooo I just press back. Shame no fit let me finish.

Watch the video for a dose of laughter: