Woman seeks divorce, claiming her husband hired agbero to assault her just 8 months into their marriage
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A Nigerian woman has openly revealed her intentions to initiate legal proceedings for divorce from her husband after alleging that he employed an "agebro" to physically assault her.

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According to the woman, despite being married for only eight months, her husband resorted to hiring a female tout, referred to as an "agebro," to attack her following a disagreement that occurred two months prior.

The wife clarified that her husband had never directly subjected her to physical abuse, and she had never provoked such behavior. She claimed that he apologized after orchestrating the incident with the agbero but repeated the act again recently.

Lady seeks divorce from husband. Source: Google

Expressing her dilemma, she questioned, “Am I wrong for wanting a divorce after 8 months? Two months ago, we had an argument, and he paid an agbero woman to come and fight me, and she beat me up. He apologized, but he just did it again yesterday.”