Woman reveals incredible transformation after nearly ten years
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A young Nigerian woman is causing a stir on social media with her captivating transformation journey spanning over a decade.

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In a video shared by a TikTok user identified as @babyolinar0, viewers witness the remarkable evolution of a young girl, presumed to be under 15 years old at the time.

Comparing with her recent photo, the lady had grown significantly in size and appearance, stirring mixed reactions from netizens.

Many were concern with her sudden fairness, suggesting that she may have bleached to attain her current skin tone.

Reactions as lady shares transformation

w.u.r.a.h said: “Pregnancy will show us Esther’s real complexion.”

edithekeleme_official stated: “Guinness Book of Record Winner 🏆 for most wonderful “Before and After” Picture Category 👏 😂.”

juanpresh quizzed: “Wait is this real abi na whining? This cant be same person na haaa🙄.”

foluslim added: “Some women and the things the do to their natural God given skin. Old age is waiting for you around the corner. Smh!”

nuel_la_nigzx said: “And when Esther pregnant and change back to original color, Esther go they disturb us on social media.. with “Look what pregnancy did to me PART 1”

kelvin_umeh noted: “Even with the bleach you still added filter yet I can’t find the rich in that. Anyways not my cup of tea 🍵.”

Watch the video below …