Widow expresses dismay after finding out her late husband left nothing for her in his will
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A widow is left distraught as she grapples with the revelation of betrayal from her late husband, who secretly conducted a paternity test and bequeathed nothing to her or their children.

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The unidentified woman disclosed that her husband underwent a clandestine DNA test without her knowledge, revealing that none of their children were biologically his.

Paternity fraud.

The truth only came to light when his will was read.

The distressed widow shared that her late husband distributed all his assets among various members of his family, leaving nothing for her or their children.

She questioned whether she could legally contest the matter in court, as she was unaware of her children's true paternity.

In her words:

“I’m a widow with 4 children. Of a truth, I didn’t know my 4 children don’t belong to my husband. He secretly did DNA and hide it from me. No wonder I overheard him discussing with his tenants one day that the house is not for sale and if his son comes, they should cal him immediately.

He is dead. He did a Wriften and video Wil with 4 different witnesses. Two lawyers included. He gavehis company to his brother, his buses to church, his houses to his siblings. Each got one.Then the mansion we are living to his mother and if his mother dies, to his brother and if his brother is not alive, to his brothers first son and he gave an ultimatum for us (me and my children) to vacate within 1 month after his death cos the new owners needs to move in.When questioned the will that why didn’t I and my children hit anything. They handed me the DNA report. I’m not aware that the children are not his. Why will he be this wicked to treat us like this after all the love we shared when he was alive. Please can I contest this in court?”

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