Wheelchair-bound man evokes emotional responses while selling goods
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A corper causes a buzz online after sharing a video of a physically challenged man operating his groceries business in his wheelchair.

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A video making the rounds on social media captured the efforts of a disabled man to make ends meet despite his condition.

The physically challenged could be seen with his goods hanging from different sides of his wheelchair while going about his day.

Moved by the effort, the copper approached the man in his wheelchair to buy some items while tapping the moment.

The video has since generated a buzz on social media from users who insist on justification for stealing.

Reactions trailing Physically challenged man selling goods from wheelchair

evesoal penned: “This is why I say people don’t have excuses! Meanwhile someone with hands and legs is begging.”

majesty_daeze wrote: “I saw a man who is old enough to be my Dad hawking pure water ,I don’t know when tears drop from my eyes ,I bought pure water and I ask him to keep the change. When you see people hustling please support them, especially those kids that are suppose to be in school even around 10pm u will see them hawking. I pray for everyone who hv heart of giving may God bless us so that we can change lives😭🙏.”

eventgarde_ng opined: “People saying he collected change. The guy literally said he didn’t have anything to buy but wanted to patronize him, he’s a corper nah, also struggling. Do you know how much he has? Someone will see him and not even stop to buy even if they needed it.”

officialoby_love said: “disabled but differently abled 😍 God bless your hustle😍.”

omolara_dc penned: “I really wish to help people a lot like this🤲. May the lord bless me cos it broke my heart seeing special people struggling 😫.”

Watch the video below …