Struggling family man to wed second wife after receiving N50K gift
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A young Nigerian man laments the situation of a poor nail-cutter who decided to marry a second wife after being gifted the sum of N50K.

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A Twitter user from the Northern region identified as @Abdullahiabba_ recounted the lifestyle of a man who supports his family by trimming nails and was blessed with a monetary gift of N50K by a customer.

Surprisingly, instead of using the money to care for his existing family, he chose to use it to marry another woman.

Sharing the narrative, Abdullahi commented that this behavior reflects the typical life of an average Hausa man.

“This guy has a family of 3 including his wife and all he does to feed the family is nail cutting, barely feeding his family to their satisfaction.

A customer of him gave him a gift of 50K and his next move was getting married to another Woman. Life of an average Hausa Man,” he wrote.


Reactions as Hausa man set to marry second wife after receiving N50K gift

Uncle_ismoh wrote: “This is the reality ana gobe salla we went to buy cow tail a mahauta me and my sister and this guy is bragging about how many children and wives he had wai ayaranshi harda kamata 😂😂and I don’t think if he’s older than my small uncle wlh.”

abbaxerngou said: “I don’t know what’s wrong with this kind of people, whenever they get something huge their mentality is just to get another woman despite the hardship they are facing.”

benbills007 quizzed: “So what happens when someone gift him 500k.”

betty.afolami stated: “Why I barely give the alms .. you’re only funding their next marriage and continuous breeding.”

mims_classique penned: “Bringing children that didn’t asked to be born into suffering cuz you lack wisdom.”

orla2052 noted: “Taking another woman is like taking another burden when u are not financially, spiritually ,physically and mentally balanced.”