Social media influencer confirms that side chics can contest a man's will in court and shares tips
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A social media user attests that side chics receiving monthly allowances from a man have the legal right to challenge the man’s will in court.

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According to him, if these side chics can provide any documents such as a bank statement, there is a way to challenge the will of the man.

The influencer @Morris_Monye revealed that he had recently learned about the existence of laws protecting a man’s hidden girlfriend or side chic. He advised men to prioritize safeguarding their families.

He wrote;

Side chics and man. source: Google

“If as a man, you die and you leave a Will for your family, your side-chick can contest that Will if and if she can prove in court that you’ve been sending her money monthly via bank statement. Provisions are made for beneficiaries and dependents. She falls under dependents. I’m just learning this now now”

He clarified that because she is the deceased man’s dependent, a man’s hidden lover may contest the validity of the will.

The social media influencer responded in the comment area, confirming that the law is in place under Lagos State Government law.