“Single ladies price themselves out of market by dressing to slay, riding expensive cars and living alone in tastefully furnished apartments” – Nigerian man
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In a recent statement, Prince Anayo Nwosu, bearing the traditional title of Ikenga Ezenwegbu in Nnewi, Anambra State, shared his perspective on the unintentional consequences of the expensive lifestyles adopted by single ladies of marriageable age. According to him, such extravagant living might be inadvertently discouraging potential suitors from approaching them.

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Prince Anayo Nwosu.

He advised mother’s to encourage their daughters to learn to lead a modest life so as not to inadvertently chase away their suitors.

His words …

“Mothers of Anambra ladies of marriageable age, advise your daughters to dress less expensively and to be moderate in lifestyle to attract responsible Anambra husbands. Anambra suitors check a lot things including maintenance costs.

Dear young lady, what do you think goes on in the mind of a prospective suitor when you always look very expensive, drive expensive cars and live alone in an expensive neighbourhood and in a lush and expensively furnished apartment ?

A good girl of marriageable age may have been pricing herself out of the market by always “dressing to kill’, riding in the best of cars and living alone in a tastefully furnished apartment in a world where suitors and their mums feel “somehow’ towards such ladies.”