Self-proclaimed PhD holder's plea for employment as houseboy goes viral, asks for sympathy and job opportunity
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A letter penned by a self-proclaimed PhD holder in Mathematics, appealing for a job as a houseboy, has gained significant traction on social media platforms. The application, written by Stephen Sadenu, a Nigerian resident, who sought employment in Port Harcourt, has sparked widespread attention online. The viral letter, which contains numerous typographical errors, showcases Sadenu's claim of possessing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Mathematics. In the letter, he expresses his willingness to diligently fulfill the responsibilities of a houseboy if given the opportunity. Sadenu asserts his competence as a chef, highlighting his ability to cook meals for the family and take care of the employer's spouse during their absence from home. Despite the mistakes in his application, Sadenu earnestly appeals for compassion and employment, expressing gratitude for completing his university education and mentioning his achievement of a PhD in mathematics. The letter's unusual nature and Sadenu's qualifications have contributed to its widespread circulation and discussion across various social media platforms.

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