Photographer gets revenge by excluding bride's sister from photos after she embarrasses him over food
Posted by badgeBusayo on 1

A wedding photographer has revealed a tale of sweet revenge against the sister of a bride who had embarrassed him over a meal during a wedding event.

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The photographer, Tobi Oyelami Joel, boldly shared how he sought retribution by ensuring the sister of the bride wouldn't feature in any of the wedding photos he captured.

Joel recounted the incident, explaining that the young lady had humiliated him when he joined the food queue, only to be told that the food was exclusively for dignitaries.

He narrated, "I also had an experience, though not from a caterer but the bride’s kid sister. I’ve been with them since Friday evening for a bridal shower, and you can’t even buy a sachet of water in the estate. I asked for food, and she embarrassed me because she was in charge."

"But I delivered my own form of justice by ensuring she wouldn't appear in any picture, not even in family photos. I would place her at the edge so I could easily crop her out," Joel continued with a sly grin.

"She later obtained my number from the bride and inquired why she wasn't featured in all the pictures. I responded by claiming I didn't know she was part of the wedding," he added cheekily.