Parents surprise their little one with a car, sparking reactions
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Nigerian parents have set a remarkable standard by surprising their one-year-old baby girl with a brand-new car on her birthday, showcasing their extraordinary celebration of the special occasion.

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The heartwarming moment was shared on the mother's TikTok page, @babycee28, where the video garnered congratulations and admiration for the thoughtful gesture.

The little girl in her new ride.

In the video, the parents blindfolded their one-year-old and led her to a beautifully decorated platform where the mini car awaited her. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and excitement.

Upon reaching the location, they removed the blindfold, and with a ceremonial cut of the decoration, they unveiled the special birthday gift for their daughter, revealing the adorable little one in her new ride.

Reactions to the video included the following comments:

@nonnysamuel 🇮🇩/🇳🇬: “As the car moves, tears of joy make the girl sleep. No stress 😂😂. AC Benz… girl, may your garage never get dry when you get older. You go gift your parent.”

@Daisy_Bae🥴: “After seeing this, I feel like getting pregnant today 🤭lol😂🙌🏃 Congratulations baby! 💓”

@SOFTLIFE: “Poor man pikin go think say na ritual 😂 H.B.D to you, baby girl. Thank God say you don first your future boyfriend drive car, so them no go oppress you with car again.”

@Big success💝: “Why una con tie him eyes for pikin wey never know anything 😂😂😂”

@Harmony🥰: “And that's how he is going to buy a car for mama and papa when they are old. Amen.”

Watch the heartwarming video here.