Nigerian woman transitions from being a lawyer to selling pap (akamu)
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A Nigerian woman shared her unconventional journey from studying law for five years to becoming a pap (akamu) seller. Identified as @pasieynaturalfoods on TikTok, she claims to offer the most nutritious pap in Nigeria.

In a series of videos, she transitioned from wearing a Lawyer’s outfit to showcasing the ingredients needed for her nutritious pap, including banana, carrot, dates, crayfish, and more.

Captioning her video, she declared, “I make the most nutritious pap in the whole of Nigeria.”

Her story resonated with netizens, prompting reactions from those who also pursued alternative paths after obtaining degrees:

@user2369219617738 expressed, “I also want to study law, pls should I go ahead.”

Lordofcomment reflected, “I guess most people don’t know that being educated doesn’t make you successful. How you use the knowledge makes you successful.”

Mummy_Tee shared, “I’m here, my colleague. I’m now into the foodstuff business.”

Midey responded, “Nigeria failed us, and I also love this generation for more sales, mama. Also, bake a nice cake.”

Only one AstyEsto declared, “I’ll soon bag an LLB in less than two years; God is my strength.”

@iamSplendid inquired, “Wow, God bless your handwork. How did you learn how to grind?”

Hidah commended, “The most important thing is you’re doing well for yourself. May God promote your business.”

Bona Onose expressed interest, “I so want to patronize you because this is really awesome and healthy.”

Chief Dolor advised, “Anybody I know who wants to go to a higher institution, I dey discourage to better go hustle instead of wasting those years away.”

Rosy shared, “My neighbor, my neighbor. For me, I usually forget I’m a graduate.”

Happy gal offered words of encouragement, “God sees your heart that isn’t lazy; He will surely bless the work of your hands. You will make progress with it, ma.”

Watch the video below:


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