Netizens are shocked by a video showing couples eating bread with soft drink at a public restaurant
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A heartening sight for cash-strapped men as affectionate couples are captured enjoying a humble meal of bread and soft drink while socializing at a public eatery.

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The couples, seemingly on a double date, were observed sharing a sizable loaf of bread placed centrally on the table, with each pair enjoying their own Fanta soft drink alongside.

As they sipped their Fanta, they indulged in the bread, taking turns to partake in the simple yet intimate meal.

See the amusing reactions sparked by the video below...

Big babyy remarked: “These must be people from Ibadan 😂”

Oyindamola remarked: “Life isn’t difficult, it's just that you're looking for a Lekki baddie”

BIG SHABZ joked: “Fanta and Bread ... what a combination!! This could be a breakfast idea”

Ishowleck commented: “I’d love to try this kind of date. Maybe bread and beans plus water”

VERIFIED homie expressed: “I'm sure this isn't Nigeria 😭”

emrayiam inquired: “Why didn’t they just buy beans to go with the bread? 😂😂”

Kupa EmojiGuy mused: “She's even more beautiful than many Lekki baddies ☺️”

Becky wondered: “Did they bring the bread with them or what kind of game is this?? 😂😂”