Neighbor's voice note leaked after purchasing new car by a lady
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A young Nigerian lady has taken to TikTok to share a hilarious voice note sent by her neighbor to their lodge's group chat after purchasing a car.

The lady, known as @iamnicki_blizz, posted the voice note online, prompting massive reactions from netizens.

In the voice note, the young man sternly warned all occupants of the lodge to refrain from touching or leaning on his newly purchased car to avoid any scratches.

He emphasized, "Abeg I no want make any rest body for my car or come close to my car to avoid talk. If you wan rest body, rest am for reservoir."

The comments section was filled with various thoughts and opinions from netizens, reflecting on why the young man issued such a warning.

Dennis iyere commented: "Fr tho. Make una de careful around cars I know say my Lexus nor cost but I nor go fit let anybody rest put cus na sorry una go tell me if ee sup."

Williamspaskal remarked: "Na only car owner go understand he’s pain."

Mrfash noted: "Una done first scratch the car, for him to be talking angrily this way."

Potforfoodies|Affiliate Girl shared: "Very valid, Nah so my neighbor warn me and my sis make we no Dey use em car Dey sample our business products if we wan create content."

Denero humorously said: "I swear I will deflate the tyre at night."

HAIR VENDOR/STYLIST IN AWKA advised: "Omo with the price of cars now, my brother protect your car well ohhh."

FAIRLYUSED GIRLFRIEND concurred: "He has a point."

Ekene Charles chimed in: "I no blame am if e easy buy your own."

Check out the video below:


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