Mother celebrates the heartwarming connection between her twins and their grandfather
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A nursing mother expresses sheer delight at the endearing connection between her twins and their grandfather, particularly highlighting their preference for eating with him over anyone else.

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A heartfelt video, shared by a Nigerian mother on TikTok, beautifully captures the close bond between her children and their grandfather.

The twins, captivated by their grandad’s meal, joined him in the living room as he enjoyed his food with both of them.

The video vividly portrays the grandfather’s patient and tender act of feeding the twins from his own plate, with the little ones standing nearby, eagerly awaiting their turn.

This charming clip melted the hearts of many TikTok viewers, who commended the grandad for his kindness and the twins for their adorable expressions.

See some reactions below …

Lovella shared a personal sentiment, saying: “I got the best care and attention from my grandma, but it hurts me that she died without seeing my kids.”

Fayo_belo reflected on the special connection between grandparents and grandchildren, writing: “Grandparents and grandchildren be like they have a blood covenant. The direct son or daughter might expire before their eyes.”

Smile Comedy expressed nostalgia, stating: “I miss my grandpa too; that man showed me love.”

Bamidele Moore acknowledged the joy the grandfather must feel, saying: “It’s a big happiness for him; deep down, he will be happy seeing his grandchildren. I pray for him.”

Watch the heartwarming video below;


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