“Men are not to be pampered or pitied, show them shege” — Man advises women
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A man has taken to social media to share his perspective on relationships, advising women not to pamper or pity men but rather give them problems at all times.

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He conveyed this message via his TikTok handle, @body_shock, emphasizing that caring for a man is detrimental to the woman.

This young man analogizes pampering a man to feeding a lion, suggesting that such decisions may come back to haunt the person extending care.

In his own words;

“I pity for women wey dey pamper men, like I pity for you guys. You just pamper men, like when he’s angry, you’re angry. You don’t just like when he’s in a bad mood, you always want to be with him when he’s at his lowest.”

“Caring for men is like feeding a lion, when he grow, he go chop you. You don’t pity men, no, you show them shege. They are to be shown maximum and premium shege.”

“Men are to be shot on sight. You just dey dig your own grave if you dey care for men. You’re feeding him, you don’t know you’re feeding your downfall. When he grows, he’s going to chop you. My dear show men shege o.”

Some reactions to his video:

@M&E disagreed: “me i must pamper my husband no matter what you say because i want him to live longer by the grace of God.”

@_pohki wrote: “This was the message I needed,this man go see a diff shade of pepper today!”

@olabrity💞 said: “He sounds mean but it’s true, they’re always miserable when they’re at their lowest and they’d make it your fault for trying to be there for them.”

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