Man with seven children claims to be a deadbeat father, stating that he told the mothers he didn't want kids
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One man that fathered seven children with seven different women explained why he is not present in his children's lives. In a video that has been circulating online, the man stated that he made it clear to the women he impregnated that he did not want children and even offered to pay for an abortion. Despite this, the seven women chose to keep their pregnancies. As a result, the man feels that since he was upfront about not wanting to be a father, he is not obligated to be financially, spiritually, and emotionally available for the children.

When asked about why he had unprotected sex with these women despite not wanting children, he stated that they were all irresponsible for not using protection, but that does not mean he has to be responsible for the children. The man went on to explain that he did not love any of his baby mamas and did the bare minimum for them before they allowed him to sleep with them, which unfortunately resulted in pregnancies. He then questioned how he is supposed to love the children when he does not love their mothers.

Based on his experience, the man warned women to be careful with the type of men they sleep with to avoid ending up like his baby mamas. The man's statements have caused controversy online, with many criticizing him for not taking responsibility for his actions and neglecting his children.

The video, which was shared on Instagram by @yabaleftonline, has sparked a heated debate about the importance of contraception and the responsibility of both men and women in preventing unplanned pregnancies. Some have argued that the man should take responsibility for his actions, while others have criticized the women for not using protection or for choosing to keep the pregnancies despite the man's objections.

Despite the controversy, the man stands by his decision to not be present in his children's lives, citing his initial objection to fatherhood as his justification. The situation raises important questions about the importance of communication and responsibility in sexual relationships, and highlights the need for both men and women to take steps to prevent unplanned pregnancies and protect themselves and their partners from sexually transmitted infections.