Man successfully identifies source of leak in house floor using sound detection
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An engineer recently took on an intriguing task of fixing a broken water pipe hidden beneath the floor of a house. In a video that has gained significant attention, the engineer can be seen arriving at the house ready to tackle the challenging problem.

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Undeterred by the complexity of the situation, the engineer swiftly gets to work, utilizing a specialized sound detector machine to precisely locate the exact spot where the water is leaking. With remarkable accuracy, the engineer identifies the source of the leak and proceeds to dig through the floor.

Netizens Reactions…

@gramamirezz said; “A genius, the engineer who achieved this magic.”

@Bencha Hua Suan said;: “Why is there no cement floor before reaching the soil? Confused. Tile floor and soil.”

@amore samuza said; “That’s why I put the water installation outside the house, so it’s easier to check.”

@rogeriosiqueira99 commented;: “This device is really good.”

@user5869132301293 said; “I’m shocked, not from a hole, but from the base under the tile.” 

@Noidea commented; “Where can I get a tool to know where the leak is?”

@finarodrigue said; “I’m interested in the device.”

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