Man discovers higher degree classification after 5 years
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One Nigerian man, who discovered that he graduated with a 2’1 and not a 2’2 is still in shock as he has been misled for 5 years. The man, identified as Damilare Dasimmu on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter shares his hilarious ordeal. According to him, he graduated 5 years ago, with thoughts that he had a 2’2. Only for him to recently discover that he actually graduated with a 2’1 instead. The University of Ilorin graduate, however, calls out his school for doing him dirty. He wrote: “i found out today that i graduated with a 2’1 after five years of carrying this 2’2 certificate around. got my transcript today and it carries 2’1, did the math and it mathed. well done, university of florin” See post below;

Damilare Dasimmu, a Nigerian man, took to Twitter to share his experience of discovering that he had been awarded a higher degree classification than he had previously thought. He had graduated from the University of Ilorin five years ago with the belief that he had been awarded a 2’2, but he recently discovered that he had actually graduated with a 2’1 instead.
In his tweet, he expressed his shock at the revelation and called out his school for not informing him earlier. He humorously mentioned that he had been carrying around his 2’2 certificate for five years, not realizing that he had actually achieved a higher classification. He also shared that he had received his transcript recently, which confirmed that he had indeed graduated with a 2’1.
The post was accompanied by a picture of Dasimmu, and it quickly garnered attention on social media, with many users expressing sympathy and amusement at his situation.