Man creates street mural immortalizing Mohbad, the 'KPK' singer in a video
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In a touching tribute to the late Nigerian singer, Mohbad, an exceptionally talented artist embarked on a heartfelt mission to immortalize the memory of the beloved artist through an incredible piece of street art on the bustling streets of Lagos.

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Drawing inspiration from a photograph found on Mohbad’s Instagram page, the artist selected a prominent wall within his community as the canvas for this remarkable endeavor. With great dedication and precision, he began translating his vision into reality.

As the artist diligently worked on the mural, a growing crowd of intrigued onlookers, primarily composed of young men, gathered around, eager to witness the transformative process unfolding before their eyes. The artist's unwavering focus and commitment to his craft left witnesses in awe, even amidst the hustle and bustle of the street.

The video capturing the progression of the artwork swiftly gained attention after it was shared on social media by @tdot30, igniting a range of reactions from netizens.

[h3]Reactions from Netizens:[h3]

@TUNMISE humorously commented, "This one na MOHGOOD not MOHBAD."

@Kidee posh playfully requested, "Clean portable draw mohbad pls."

@hannarose140 expressed heartfelt sentiments, saying, "I swear who else find it difficult to sleep at night since mohbad death RIP IMOLE."

@Tife Klothing humorously remarked: "Lol this has to be Sam Larry and Mohbad in one picture."

@koladex acknowledged the effort, saying, "Let’s appreciate the time he gave at least he tried."

@azanty0 showed gratitude, stating, "You did your best really appreciate that."

@your boyfriend fav ex extended love from Ghana, saying, "I’m a Ghanaian buh this guy death oh god love from Ghana."

@Godwinmodels praised, "This one na mo cool ooo not mobad."

@Pamluu showed appreciation, saying, “Amazing Bro! God Bless You!”

@BIG MAYOR OF PH humorously quipped, "No be my mohbad be that clean am."

@RicchkiD expressed gratitude, noting, "Thanks for ur care and concern."

This remarkable tribute to the late Mohbad has not only touched the hearts of those who witnessed it but also sparked conversations and appreciation for the artist's skill and dedication in preserving the memory of the talented artist through street art.


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♬ Beast & Peace – Mohbad