Lady weep bitterly as her genotype fails to match that of her partner
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In a poignant and widely circulated video on TikTok, a lady named Hannah Queen poured out her heart, revealing the shattered dreams of a future with the love of her life due to a disparity in their genotypes.

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This heartbroken lady, who had once believed she had found true love, turned to the popular social media platform to share her pain with the world.

The video's caption, "Now that I found true love, genotype wants to separate us. I miss you baby," accompanied a tearful and emotional Hannah as she expressed the devastation of discovering that her and her partner's genotypes are incompatible.

The emotional clip has triggered a wave of reactions from social media users, who flooded the comments section with words of encouragement and sympathy for Hannah.

Numerous individuals offered their support and shared messages of hope, empathizing with the difficulty of facing such a hurdle in a romantic relationship.

Netizens Reactions…

@Akpai Bestie Favour said; “We wey our genotype no dey select we no come see man.”

@Pretty lee said; “I no even know my genotype as I old reach.”

@Smallie commented; “Come to my church, God will change ur genotype. Mine was changed through prayers.”

@ARAMIDE said; “Make we dey check genotype before we start to dey date o.”

@Whitemoney said; “I don’t know my genotype and I’m not ready to do anything, what about those ones who get pregnant without doing genotype.” 

@horlardaryo said; “If me and the person I love Genotype no match omo we go adopt child. I can’t lose the person I love for the kids I never see never.”

@bright commented; “My own and that of my man match. but one pastor said we can’t marry each other. I’m tired.”

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