Jubilation as lady gets back her MacBook stolen by Bolt Driver with the help of Twitter users
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

The online community on Twitter is buzzing with excitement as a young lady successfully recovers her MacBook, which had been stolen by a Bolt driver, with the collaborative efforts of fellow Twitter users.

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Taking to her social media platform, @remioluwole, on X, she aired her grievances against the BoltApp after the driver became unresponsive and subsequently blocked her.

Narrating the incident, she revealed that the delivery man arrived at her residence early in the morning to collect the MacBook. Despite her offer to pay extra for a timely delivery, the driver delayed the ride for over 30 minutes.

Frustrated by the delay, the lady attempted to contact the driver to return the laptop, but he not only ignored her calls but also blocked her afterwards.

Taking matters into her own hands, she turned to Twitter, disclosing the driver's name, phone number, and Bolt profile, urging the Twitter community to inquire why he refused to deliver her item.

In a swift response, Twitter investigators surfaced with the driver's full name and address, leading to the recovery of the stolen laptop from the man.

Remarkably, the lady mentioned that the Bolt driver even went so far as to send his account number to her, for reasons that remain unclear.

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